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Night Stalker articles

TVGuide.com: What was series star Stuart Townsend's reaction to the cancellation?
Spotnitz: Everybody was really shocked. Even though you know you're struggling in the ratings, when you feel the work is as good as well all felt it was, you cant believe somebody is going to cancel it. "How could they?"

TVGuide.com: Kolchak was the sort of rich character an actor like Stuart could really get immersed in.
Spotnitz: Yes. Being a feature actor, in the beginning he was a little taken aback by how heavy the workload was, but by Episodes 8 and 10, he was really enjoying the challenge. Especially Episode 10, which you can see for the first time on the DVD. It's all Stuart. It's a tour de force for him.

TVGuide.com: Then again, he goes home to Charlize Theron, which puts this setback in perspective
Spotnitz: [Laughs] Right. How bad can it be?


One major departure came in the casting of Townsend (Queen of the Damned, The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen), who wasn’t even born when the first TV movie bowed. “I thought he was fantastic in the role,” says Spotnitz. “He was completely different, obviously, than the McGavin version of Kolchak, and I knew there’d be a lot of people who would be unhappy about that — that he’s a younger guy, a good-looking guy. But with the new configuration of the show, and the mythology that was unique to this version of Night Stalker, he was the perfect guy because he’s charming and winning, but he does have that sort of darkness that makes you wonder. You can flip it; you can think he’s a good guy and also maybe a bad guy.” 

-Now Playing Magazine

I love the original show because of two words - Darren McGavin. Don’t get me wrong, Stuart Townsend will not eclipse Darren McGavin, but he isn’t too bad an actor. Ironically, the best episodes were the four that never aired.  They were also reminiscent of the original show (I’ll probably be kicked out of the Darren McGavin fan club for that line of support for Fauxchak [as some referred to this new series]).  

-Monsters And Critics

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Interesting Spotnitz interview. I notice he didn't mention the crappy time-slot (up against CSI).

Sounds like Stu really gave a stellar performance in the last 4 eps.

Did the DVD get released on May 30th, as scheduled? I'm gonna check some of the local stores this week, see if they have it (and also the price). I suppose a few of the on-line stores might already have it (problem is, I still don't have anything to play it on...if I were to buy the DVD).
Yeah it did come out May 30th in the US. The price should be around $29 in stores.
That's unfortunate you dont have a DVD player. I guess you dont have a DVD rom either?
Nope...I don't have a DVD-anything! The thought occurred to me they (retailers) might have a VHS version available...some place. It wouldn't have the extras that a DVD would have...but, at least, that way I would get to see the last 4 eps. Just a thought.
Yeah maybe. Hope so for your sake. :)