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NIGHT STALKER || 9/8c on abc [entries|friends|calendar]
"Night Stalker" 2005

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Night Stalker recaps []

I don't know if anyone remembers, but at the beginning of the fall TV season last year, Fandom Talk, which I co-run, started doing TNS recaps. We discontinued them when the show was cancelled (I was so bitter I didn't even recap "The Source"). However, because the DVDs are now out and Sci-Fi is re-airing the series in its entirety, we're resuming the recaps for the final five episodes.

recap teaserCollapse )

If you're interested, the full recap for "The Source" is available here. :)
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'Night Stalker' Rises Again []


By Kate O'Hare

June 6 2006

Stuart Townsend, Gabrielle Union, Night Stalker
LOS ANGELES -- In the olden days of television, when a show was canceled after only a few episodes, it was tossed in the dustbin of history, never to see the light of a TV screen again. Now in the age of cable channels and DVD box sets, even a premature death is no impediment to a rewarding afterlife.

On May 30, Walt Disney Video released "Night Stalker: The Complete Series," a boxed set of all 10 produced episodes of the ABC series "Night Stalker," which premiered in Sept. 2005. It was a re-imagined version of an unpublished novel by Jeff Rice and two 1970s TV movies, "The Night Stalker" and "The Night Strangler," which starred Darren McGavin as monster-hunting newspaper reporter Carl Kolchak.

In the new version, handsome Irish actor Stuart Townsend took on the role of Kolchak, who was still investigating the bizarre, but this time with a far more personal twist because of the mysterious murder of his wife.

Also on the DVD are four unaired episodes and two unproduced scripts: "Ascendant," by Melissa and Joy Blake, and "The 'M' Word," by the reclusive Darin Morgan, who won an Emmy for his "X-Files" script "Clyde Bruckman's Final Repose."

Also, Sci Fi Channel starts airing the series beginning Friday, July 28.

-From here!
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Night Stalker articles []

[ mood | giddy ]

TVGuide.com: What was series star Stuart Townsend's reaction to the cancellation?
Spotnitz: Everybody was really shocked. Even though you know you're struggling in the ratings, when you feel the work is as good as well all felt it was, you cant believe somebody is going to cancel it. "How could they?"

TVGuide.com: Kolchak was the sort of rich character an actor like Stuart could really get immersed in.
Spotnitz: Yes. Being a feature actor, in the beginning he was a little taken aback by how heavy the workload was, but by Episodes 8 and 10, he was really enjoying the challenge. Especially Episode 10, which you can see for the first time on the DVD. It's all Stuart. It's a tour de force for him.

TVGuide.com: Then again, he goes home to Charlize Theron, which puts this setback in perspective
Spotnitz: [Laughs] Right. How bad can it be?


One major departure came in the casting of Townsend (Queen of the Damned, The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen), who wasn’t even born when the first TV movie bowed. “I thought he was fantastic in the role,” says Spotnitz. “He was completely different, obviously, than the McGavin version of Kolchak, and I knew there’d be a lot of people who would be unhappy about that — that he’s a younger guy, a good-looking guy. But with the new configuration of the show, and the mythology that was unique to this version of Night Stalker, he was the perfect guy because he’s charming and winning, but he does have that sort of darkness that makes you wonder. You can flip it; you can think he’s a good guy and also maybe a bad guy.” 

-Now Playing Magazine

I love the original show because of two words - Darren McGavin. Don’t get me wrong, Stuart Townsend will not eclipse Darren McGavin, but he isn’t too bad an actor. Ironically, the best episodes were the four that never aired.  They were also reminiscent of the original show (I’ll probably be kicked out of the Darren McGavin fan club for that line of support for Fauxchak [as some referred to this new series]).  

-Monsters And Critics

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Not Night Stalker but Spotnitz []

Spike TV Locks in Two Drama Pilots
Source: Variety April 19, 2006

Spike TV has locked in a pair of drama pilots that put the men's network in business with TV mavens Frank Spotnitz and Vince Gilligan (The X-Files) and feature screenwriter James DeMonaco, reports Variety.

The cable channel is in final talks to greenlight production on Spotnitz and Gilligan's Amped, an event series about a mysterious epidemic that hits Los Angeles, and DeMonaco's The Kill Pit, about a bank heist gone awry, chronicled in real time.

Boutique studio Fox 21 is attached to produce Amped, with Spotnitz and Gilligan executive producing. David Hoberman's Mandeville Films (Monk) will produce The Kill Pit, with DeMonaco and Hoberman executive producing.

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More news on Night Stalker: The Complete Series []

Night Stalker: The Complete Series

Carl Kolchak returns in a new series of spine-tingling adventures. Produced by the X-FILES' Frank Spotnitz and based on the original '70s suspense drama, NIGHT STALKER updates the chilling classic in a startling new way. "There's something stylishly scary at work here," says The New York Times. Caught up in an obsessive hunt for his own wife's murderer, Kolchak (Stuart Townsend) discovers that his imagination is no match for the evil that truly lurks in the dark. Paired with skeptic Perri Reed (Gabrielle Union), television's favorite crime reporter will stop at nothing to uncover the supernatural side of the night. Featuring three unaired, unrated episodes to complete the series and a host of exclusive bonus material, this 2-disc DVD set is so good it's scary. 

Television Release Date(s): 2005
Studio: Buena Vista Home Entertainment
U.S. Rating: TV-14-V
Bonus material not rated.
Approximate Run Time: 426 minutes
Genre: Drama
Bonus Feature(s):
• 4 Unaired Episodes
• Deleted Scenes
• Audio Commentaries
• Script Scanner
Technical Specifications:
Not All Technical Specifications Apply To All Elements
• Color
• 1.78:1 Aspect Ratio
• Region 1
• Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround Sound
Language(s): English
UPC: 786936703832

From: Video.com
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Kolchak: The Night Stalker marathons []

News from nightstalk_talk :

On SciFi 6 episodes will be aired on march 15th and 6 more April 28th.

I'm glad that I will be able to see more of this because I haven''t had the chance to see a lot of the original...
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Darren McGavin passes away... []

Image hosting by TinyPic

LOS ANGELES -- Actor Darren McGavin, who starred in five series, including "Mike Hammer," "Riverboat" and "Kolchak: The Night Stalker." has died. He was 83.

His son said McGavin died of natural causes at a Los Angeles area hospital with his family at his side.

Aside from perhaps his best-known film role as the father in "A Christmas Story," McGavin was also known as a prolific actor in television movies.

Despite his busy career in television, McGavin was awarded only one Emmy: in 1990 for an appearance as Candice Bergen's opinionated father in an episode of "Murphy Brown."

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USA Today []

Cancellation is no longer the death knell for a short-lived TV series. An afterlife often is found on DVD.
Stuart Townsend and Gabrielle Union of ABC's short-lived Night Stalker, which will be resurrected on DVD May 30. Stuart Townsend and Gabrielle Union of ABC's short-lived Night Stalker, which will be resurrected on DVD May 30.

Night Stalker, starring Stuart Townsend as a crime reporter tracking the supernatural, lasted six episodes on ABC and averaged just 5.3 million viewers.

But on May 30, Night Stalker arrives on DVD (Buena Vista, no price yet) with four unaired episodes plus the six that were shown.

"For everybody who does what I do, you hope you have life beyond network television, and DVD provides that," says Frank Spotnitz, the show's executive producer and writer. "It's television's equivalent of immortality: You get to stay on retail shelves and in home libraries."

He feels vindicated that all 10 episodes will be on the DVD: "The last four are among the best we ever did."

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[ mood | ecstatic ]

Night Stalker is going to brought out on DVD! It will be out on May 30th, with all 10 episodes and a bunch of extras. The suggested retail price will be $29.99!

Read more here

*dances around crazily*

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iTunes Has Unaired Episodes of 'Night Stalker' []

Released by ABC


Beginning today, ABC will make three previously unaired episodes of the stylishly intriguing series “Night Stalker” available for purchase for $1.99 per episode on the iTunes Music Store (www.itunes.com). These episodes join seven other previously released “Night Stalker” installments on iTunes Music Store.

The three newly released “Night Stalker” episodes are:

· “Into Night” -- When two office workers toiling late into the night are found dead the next morning, their bodies mummified, the police attempt to explain the strange deaths away, while Kolchak tries to find out who – or what – killed them before it happens again.

· “Timeless” –- Kolchak and Reed are perplexed when they cover a bizarre murder that appears to mirror similar deaths that have occurred every 35 years since the paper was founded.

· “What’s the Frequency, Kolchak?” –- Kolchak is kidnapped by a demented man (guest star Paul Krieger) who claims the reporter has been sending him “hidden” messages via his newspaper stories . . . and that they were both institutionalized together at the same mental hospital. While trying to find a way to free himself, Kolchak discovers his tormentor seems to be responsible for a series of sudden disappearances that may have ended in murder

Based on the cult favorite ‘70s classic, “Night Stalker” is a mystery series starring Stuart Townsend (“League of Extraordinary Gentlemen”), Gabrielle Union (“The Honeymooners”), Cotter Smith (“X2”) and Eric Jungmann (“Not Another Teen Movie”). Frank Spotnitz (“The X Files”) is creator and executive producer of the series. Dan Sackheim (“The X Files”) served as executive producer and director of the series, from Touchstone Television.


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What Happened on Night Stalker - SPOILERS []

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Sci Fi To Air New Night Stalker Episodes []

Good news!


SCI FI to Air New Night Stalker Episodes

Source: SCI FI Channel

December 13,

SCI FI Channel has acquired all ten
episodes of Touchstone Television's series remake of Night Stalker it was
announced today by Thomas Vitale, SCI FI Channel's Senior Vice President,
Programming and Original Movies. In addition to the seven episodes that aired on
ABC this fall, SCI FI will have the exclusive premieres of 3 never-before-seen
episodes. The series is slated to launch next summer.

is executive produced by Frank Spotnitz (X-Files) and stars
Stuart Townsend, Gabrielle Union, Eric Jungmann and Cotter

Inspired by the original movie and series, Carl Kolchak
(Townsend), is a crime reporter whose wife was mysteriously killed 19 months
earlier. Now, in the eyes of the FBI, Kolchack is the primary suspect. His
determination to discover the truth behind his wife's murder leads him to
investigate other crimes that seem to have some kind of supernatural component.
But he's trying to piece together a puzzle that keeps changing its shape. Who or
what is committing these crimes? How are they all related? And why do some
victims end up with a strange red mark on their hands in the shape of a snake?
With his reluctant partner Perri Reed (Union), a sexy if skeptical fellow
reporter in tow, Kolchak will go to any lengths to answer these

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How Night Stalker end []

Since I didn't have the possibility to watch the second part of the last episode of Night Stalker and some people (who have ipods) had it I would love to now how it end it.I hope someone can tell me. Thank you!
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Poll []
Scifiwire is having a poll this week: Several TV shows have already bit the dust this season, and others are ending. Which most deserves a second chance? Night stalker is on the list if you loved it please go vote, it can't hurt... www.scifi.com/scifiwire2005/
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I think we all feel this way! []

[ mood | agreeable ]

JEERS to ABC for pulling the plug on Night Stalker right in the middle of a two-part episode. We know the ratings for the horror remake were terrifyingly low, but for the show's small but eerily loyal band of fans, this move felt like a stake through the heart.

Source: Dec. 5th issue of TV Guide, Cheers & Jeers column.

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Curse you, dial up!!! []

[ mood | disappointed ]

From iTunes:

Night Stalker Exclusive Episode

Although some of the names are the same, the remake of the '70s cult classic Night Stalker is a markedly different beast. The story follows Carl Kolchak and his partner as they investigate the circumstances around Kolchak's wife's death. Find out at least some of the answers to this riddle in a previously un-aired exclusive episode, available only on iTunes.

Oh man, I wish I could download this. I need to get broadband just to download it.

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[ mood | cranky ]

*kicks ABC in the head*
*cries some more*

Sorry, had to get that out.

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Spotniz to do a 4 hour series []


SPIKE GETS SERIOUS: Per Variety, Spike TV is in development with its first scripted dramas ever, including Amped, a four-hour series about a mysterious outbreak in L.A., from Night Stalker executive producer Frank Spotnitz and his X-Files pal Vince Gilligan; The Big Empty, a private-eye series from Denis Leary's production company; The Bridge, a homicide drama from Battlestar Galactica's David Eick; and Full Ride, based on Elwood Reid's behind-the-scenes look at the high-stakes world of college football.


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If interested... []


Some fans tell their thoughts:


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Zap2It []


Nine episodes of the show were filmed, but ABC has no plans to air the three that haven't aired yet. The first six episodes were also made available on iTunes.


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